異文化ディスカッション (35) World Politics

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聞き手:Joe Lauer(広島大学外国語教育研究センタ―)



(15:21 8.9MB 中級~上級)
+++この番組で使われている主な表現(World Politics)+++

Social Sciences
= the study of human relationships and society

to get to (do something)
= to have the right to, can

(a) religion
= 宗教

to be unsure
= to not know yet

a senior
= a 4th-year student (Note: a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, a senior)

a regional focus
= concentrating on one area

a perspective
= a viewpoint

a repertoire
= a list of things a person can do skillfully 人がもつ能力の全範囲

an election
= 選挙

a candidate
= 候補者

to run in opposition to
= to compete against

= pressure, friction

the Democratic Party
= 民主党

the Republican Party
= 共和党

the conservative party
= 保守党 (tends to be the Republican Party in the US)

to reflect on
= to think about

= 極端

to curtail
= to limit

a right
= 権利

an economic downturn
= a recession, a worsening of the economy

to deal with
= to handle

an issue
= a problem

the globe
= the world

= confusing, complex, not simple

to be drawn out
= to take a long time

a blessing
= 天の恵み、ありがたいもの

to be muddled
= messy, not clear, complicated

to vote
= 投票する

= 連邦議会

a disapproval rating
= 不支持率

an approval rating
= the percent of people which support a party or a person

a career politician
= a person whose main job is to be a politician

to skew
= to make unusual, ゆがめる

to get reelected
= 再当選される

= 社会主義者

= 安定

to have something going on
= to have something important happening

a drug war
= 麻薬組織との戦い

= 移民

= against the law

= 政治的緊張関係 (Note: almost always plural)

= nonsense, foolish でたらめ、ばかげた

to shoot over to
= to go quickly to

a critical point
= a very important time

the EU
= the European Union

= um, ah, hmm, etc.

to have a hard time of it
= to experience a problem (Note: conversational)

a conflict
= a fight

= a country in west Africa, south of Algeria

to declare war
= 戦争宣言する

to make headlines
= to become news (Note: headlines
= 新聞の見出し)

the Middle East
= 中東アジア

to keep (someone) out of the picture
= to not involve (someone)

to destabilize
= to make unstable

a stage
= a period, 段階

to go sour
= to become bad

= a famous Islamic terrorist group

a counterterrorism measure
= a way to avoid future terrorism (Note: “counter” often means “against”)

to be supportive of
= to support

= facilities in a country, such as roads and schools

to grasp
= to understand (Note: “to grasp (something)” means to reach out and grab or hold it with your hand)

= 汚職、贈賄(ぞうわい)

a military base
= 軍事基地

to be loyal
= 義理堅い、忠実

= 統一

an aspect
= a point, 様相、見地

Where does Japan fit as a 1st-world nation?
= What is Japan’s role as a leader?

to side with
= to support, to be an ally of

a perspective
= a viewpoint

a trend
= a tendency, a movement, a new phenomenon

to influence
= to have an effect on

a land mass
= a geographical area

to import
= 輸入する

to be dependent on
= to rely on, to need

this sort of
= this kind of

to a certain extent
= ある程度

to be wealthy
= to be economically rich

to be greedy
= どん欲な、欲望な

in theory
= 理論的に

to be manipulated
= 操作される、(不正に)あやつられる

to take advantage of
= 〜に乗じる、

= inevitably, 必然的に

to flood the markets
= to make a lot of products available for sale

to subsidize
= 助成する、補助する

the Arab Spring
= recent revolutions in Egypt and other Islamic countries

an uprising
= a revolution, 革命

to amass
= to gather (a lot of people)

a demonstration
= 抗議

Freedom of Speech
= 自由言論

to be visualized as
= to be seen as, to be thought about as

a useless establishment
= an organization which is not effective

For everything they don’t do
= Despite all the things that they don’t do

to facilitate
= to assist

= 効果的

to enforce
= 施行する

= meaning

sovereign countries
= 独立国

to submit to
= to yield to, 〜に屈服する、〜に従う

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