Joeのなるほど!英文法 (8) 映画でよく聞くスラング

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25 Slang Expressions Often Heard in Movies

- to be a chicken
- to have a big mouth
- to be unreal
- kudos to (someone)
- to botch ~ up
- What’s up?
- dude
- My bad.
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- Oh, shit!
- Blimey!
- Oh, my goodness!
- I’m beat
- to hang out (with…)
- wheels
- to be amped to
- to get/be busted
- to have a blast
- to have a crush on (someone)
- to dump (someone)
- (someone’s) ex
- a geek
- to be hooked on~
- to be into ~
- a chick flick

Story 1 (A man is sitting in a movie theater)
Oh, my goodness, what have I done!? This is a chick flick, and I don’t like them. Shit, with the prices of these movie tickets, they stole my money again. Oh, Jesus Christ! I’m gonna try to get my money back…. Um, excuse me, sir. I’m not really into these girly movies. Recently, I’m really hooked on action and violent movies! And I was really amped to see a good one this time. My bad. Can I have my money back?

Story 2 (A woman is on the phone, talking with her friend)
Blimey! I’m really angry with my ex. Unreal! I saw him with another girl today!! He seems to hang out with a different girl every week! You know, Satomi, he’s such a chicken—he can’t even tell people the truth. But, wow, does he have a big mouth—he always spreads rumors about other people. I hope he gets busted for having too many girlfriends; is that illegal, anyway? I’m glad I dumped him! I can’t believe that I used to have a crush on him!

Story 3 (A man is outside his friend’s apartment.)
Hey, dude, what’s up? I’m beat. I’ve been working too much recently… Wow, these are some great wheels that you have! I thought you were just a computer geek, and botched up your career choice; but I guess your job must pay well! I bet you’re really going to have a blast with this car. Kudos to you!

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