超濃縮!やさしい英語会話 (14) Jobs And Dreams

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*** Script ***

[ (31) Teaching Practice ]

M: Hey, Saori! It's been a while! How have you been?

W: Hey, Mike. I had teaching practice at a junior high for a month. So that's why you haven't seen me around.

M: Oh, I didn't know that you were trying to get a teaching license. So you'll be a teacher, will you?

W: Actually, probably not. Of course, teaching is an option in the future. But Mike, you know, I really really want to be a researcher, right?

M: Yeah, that's what I thought. So I was surprised when you said...

W: If I take just a few classes in teacher education, I can get a license. Which means, I can be a certificated teacher for no extra tuition! Pretty lucky, hey?

M: Boy, that is interesting. So, how was the practice teaching?

W: Very hard! I thought teaching would only be fun, because I like kids. But now I think teaching is the toughest job around, and I have a lot of respect for teachers.

M: So, tell me more about the practice teaching. What was so hard?

W: Hmmm... I think the hardest thing was….not to teach wrong … and to keep the quality of teaching high….I think.

M: What do you mean?

W: Well, I didn't teach the materials wrong. I studied a lot before the classes. And I was ready to teach. But on the first day, when I stood up in front of students, my mind suddenly went blank! At first, I didn't know what to say!

M: Ho, teaching IS tough, huh?

W: Yeah, it is. But later I found the real joy of teaching. When I taught, and looked into their eyes, children responded to me. Of course, there were many problem kids. But if I tried to understand them, and faced them, I could see that they were learning! That was really impressive, and I was so touched. So, in conclusion, it's true that teaching is tough, but at the same time, it's also rewarding!

[ (60) Part-time Jobs and Big Dreams ]

W: Hey, what are you up to, Ken?

M: Oh, hi Jane. I'm just looking for a part-time job. I've been searching for about a month, but no luck. Are you doing a part-time job, Jane?

W: Yeah, I'm teaching English at an English school. 5 days a week.

M: Wow. Isn't it hard?

W: Not much. It's fun! And I work at a café two days a week.

M: No way! How much money do you get a week, anyways? And what are you gonna do with the money?

W: That's a secret.

M: But your dad's the president of a cell phone company. You don't need to work, do you?

W: Well, I wanna have my own money to make my dream come true.

M: And… how could you get such good grades last semester? You got all A's! I got Cs, and a D…and even some E's, I think!

W: …Ha, ha… [ in a soft voice ] That's because I have two me's: working Jane and studying Jane.

M: What?

W: Oh, nothing. So, what kind of jobs are you looking for?

M: …You are weird. Umm…It would be great if I could have a chance to talk with non-Japanese people at work. Do you know any good places where non-Japanese often get together around here?

W: How about the gym near Hiroshima Station? I go there every Thursday, and I often see a lot of foreigners there.

M: That sounds good for me! I like sports too… Yes!! That gym's looking for some workers! I'll apply there!

W: Good on you!

M: Hey, Jane, tell me about your secret. Why are you working so hard?

W: Hmm… Can you really keep a secret?

M: Yes, I promise!

W: Oh… OK, it's just that… [ talking in a tiny voice ]

M: [ in a big voice ] you're going to take over your dad's company!?

[ (136) The Power of Colors ]

M: Hi Ms. Yamada. Please sit down. So, could you tell me a bit about yourself?

W: Sure, nice to meet you, Mr. Reynolds. I'm Yamada, Noriko Yamada. This March I'll graduate from Rainbow University. I major in architecture. Especially, I've studied a lot about color designs. During college, in my club, we've done a lot of volunteer and charity work. For example, we advise government offices and companies about the colors of study rooms, city stations, and libraries. I'm sure that my experience and knowledge about colors will help XY Publishing.

M: OK. Why would you like to work here?

W: Well, I'd like to work at XY Publishing because I think I can make the most of my abilities here. Since you're in the magazine publishing business, I'll try to use my knowledge of colors to excite the readers. To be honest, your magazines made me green with envy when I first saw them. They are so colorful and charming. But I think I could make them even better!

M: For example, what could you do to improve the magazines?

W: I'd like to change the world of magazines! The psychological effects of colors have been undervalued. I believe that understanding the science of colors is the key to exciting readers. So, I'll make the magazines more artistic by using tones of color variations. I know it'll be hard, and I'll have to get past some red tape and other obstacles, but nothing's going to stop me!

M: Boy, you have ambition, Ms. Yamada. How are you feeling now?

W: I felt a bit blue before having this interview, but I feel better now because I'm trying as hard as I can. I hope to get the green light to work at XY Publishing!

M: OK. We'll roll out the red carpet to welcome you, Ms. Yamada! Our company's been seeking somebody who has an expertise in colors. We'd be happy to have you!

W: Oh, thank you, sir! Your offer just came out of blue!

M: Well, we find a person like you once in a blue moon, you know. I really think you can help the layout designs of the magazines.

W: Oh, I'm tickled pink with your offer! Excuse me, my language, but from now on I have to be as good as gold, because I'm now an employee of XY Publishing! I'm so happy, sir!

[ (240) Piano Delivery ]

M: [ panting ] Remind me again why we decided to become piano deliverymen. This lady lives on the 8th floor, and we've only made it up to the third floor! My arms already feel like spaghetti!

W: It's piano delivery WOMAN! And I'll tell you why: this is all part of the four-year plan. Remember?

M: Um... I'm so exhausted right now that I can hardly remember my own mother's name! Why don't you jog my memory?

W: [ sighs ] Fine, Bruce. This is the last time I'm going to explain it to you.

M: I CAN'T guarantee that.

W: [ huffing ] Alright, the four-year plan is to work as piano delivery men... Ahem... piano delivery PEOPLE for two years in order to build up core body strength. Then, we spend the next two years training to be professional wrestlers. With the kind of strength we'll get from this job, we can become world champions!

M: Wait, that four-year plan? You actually still think that's gonna work? I'm just working this job so I can see the inside of all the attractive women's houses in this city!

W: You really are a hopeless pervert, aren't you?

M: Hold that thought. I think my back's about to give out!

W: You say something?

M: Gahhhhh!

[ Bruce grimaces in pain and the cracking of his back is clearly audible. Bruce drops the piano and it falls down all three flights of stairs to its concrete grave. ]

W: What the... Bruce?! Do you know what you've just done!? You've ruined the four-year plan!

M: Forget the four-year plan and just get me to a hospital! [ shudders in pain ]

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