391 - NZ Wrestles with 250th Anniversary

This week’s ENW podcast reports on the dilemma facing New Zealand over its colonial past. This month is the 250th anniversary of the landing of Captain James Cook on the north-east shore of the country’s North Island. Modern-day New Zealand stems from that first European incursion, yet the landing also spelled the death-nail for the country’s aboriginal peoples. How is New Zealand marking the anniversary? What is the reaction from the iwi people?
ENGLISH NEWS WEEKLY will try and explain all. (PDF)

Countdown to Our 1,000th Episode

The English learning podcasts from Hiroshima University (English News Weekly and Hiroshima University's English Podcast) will soon reach the milestone 1,000th episode!

For our 1,000th episode, we will present a special programme by Joe and Jaime.


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