390 - The Scream Heard Again & Again & AGAIN!

This week’s ENW podcast reports on a short sound that last for only a few seconds, is know to millions of people around the world, yet is also almost universally overlooked. The Wilhelm Scream is the most used sound effect and can be found in hundreds of movies and TV series around the world. The scream was first recorded in October 1951 by a character actor and country singer called - Sheb Wooley. Why is it used so often? What famous movies have used it?
ENGLISH NEWS WEEKLY will try and explain all. (PDF)

Countdown to Our 1,000th Episode

The English learning podcasts from Hiroshima University (English News Weekly and Hiroshima University's English Podcast) will soon reach the milestone 1,000th episode!

For our 1,000th episode, we will present a special programme by Joe and Jaime.


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