250- ENW@250!

In this special edition anniversary podcast, ENW looks back at five podcasts from our past and updates the news stories.

* * *
The very first ENW podcast was released in April 2011, and the topic was the "Arab Spring", the name that was given to pro-democracy demonstrations throughout the Middle East. Since that very first podcast , ENW has published news reports from every continent, including Antarctica. We have covered a wide range of topics -- some serious and some more lighthearted. These include from the realms of sports, politics, entertainment, crime, culture, economics, environment, transport, technology, and many more.

We have also published 17 special edition travel podcasts from some of the most interesting and vibrant cities around the world. ENW has also been lucky to have interviewed, using podcasters' questions, some important politicians from Japan and Hawaii.

As this is our 250th edition, we are going to look back and highlight some of the news reports covered by ENW in the last five years. We will also be updating these news stories and explaining what happened next.

We hope you enjoy this special edition ENW Podcast, and would like to say a big thank you to our podcasters both in Japan and around the world! Your comments and questions are always very, very helpful.


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