[Repost] 226 - It’s Christmas Time!

December 20, 2019

[This special edition was originally posted on 25 December, 2015]
Happy Christmas for us here are ENW podcast. We hope you are enjoying the winter holidays and are having time to relax. This week is a special edition ENW podcast – focusing on Christmas music. First we introduce a famous Christmas carol, next is one of the biggest selling songs in history and finally a song that helped change the world. What to know more...
English News Weekly will explain all... (PDF)

400 - NUMBER 400

December 20, 2019

In this 400th ENW episode will take a special look at some events that happened 400 years, months, weeks and days ago! (PDF)

PDF of 400

December 13, 2019
Right-click the link below to download the PDF that is available free with this week's English News Weekly podcast.

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